Medibank Dentist

Who doesn’t care about having a great smile? Your Medibank dentist understands the importance of oral hygiene in preventing a number of common ailments. With regular professional cleaning and check-ups, you should be able to maintain regular health, however, oral hygiene starts with you.

Here is how to clean your teeth:

Brushing properly

Did you know that proper brushing is the most basic requirement to keep your teeth clean? Your Medibank preferred dentist recommends that the teeth and gums are in contact with the bristles when brushing. It is advisable that you clean the outer surfaces of your teeth using gentle circular motions to avoid any kind of bleeding. Clean the inside surfaces of your gums and teeth by placing the bristles of your brush at an angle of 45 degrees and repeat the same circular motions you used to clean the outer surfaces of your teeth.

In many cases bacteria rests on the surface of your tongue, so ensure you brush this area to remove any food particles that might be stuck on it.

As a rule your Medibank preferred dentist suggests you brush your teeth at least twice a day. If you don’t, expect acids from the breakdown of food particles to build up, leading to tooth decay. If you are in a place where regular brushing is not possible, rinse your mouth after eating and clean your teeth properly when you can.


Brushing is not effective in removing food particles in between your teeth. That’s why your Medibank dentist advises that you floss regularly. Flossing reaches deep in between your teeth and along the gum line. It is impossible for a toothbrush to get to every nook and cranny in your mouth, which is why it recommended that you floss at least once a day.
Combining brushing and flossing will give you the best results, however, don’t forget that this is your maintenance in between regular trips to the dentist.