Mouthguards in Melbourne

Mouthguards have been used for many years for a variety of reasons. Sporting mouthguards are a popular piece of protective wear, commonly worn by footballers, soccer players, hockey players and basketball players to prevent injuries to the teeth, jaws and associated soft tissue. The Australian Dental Association warns that over the counter, self-fitted mouthguards provide inadequate protection. They advocate that a professionally-fitted custom mouthguard is essential for the protection of your mouth.

There are a number of mouthguard options to choose from which can be used for a variety of reasons. At Mint Dental we can provide:

  • Sporting mouthguards
  • Occlusal splints (night guards)
  • A large range of colours that can be mixed
  • Ready to wear Mouthguards in approximately 3 days
  • Engraving for easy identification

Customise your Kids or Adult Mouthguard at Mint Dental

Mint Dental provides custom mouthguard options that will help to prevent teeth, jaw and tongue injuries that can cause a life time of expensive dental issues.

The Advantages of a Dentist Mouthguard is that:

  • It provides the best fit, size, mouth coverage and thickness for optimal protection
  • A Dentist can accurately assess the type of mouth guard most suitable for your mouth type and mouthguard purpose
  • It will provide better protection for mouth, jaw and tongue
  • Comfort is improved
  • It is less likely to dislodge from mouth

We Custom make Occlusal Splints

Our occlusal splints (aka night guards) are made for those who clench and grind during the night.  Splints allow muscles in spasm to relax and protect the teeth and jaws from the adverse effects of bruxism.  Instead of grinding away and damaging teeth, the occlusal splint forms a protective barrier where plastic separates the upper and lower arches.

Our Dentist Mouthguards are available at our practices in Armadale and Malvern. For more information of any of our mouthguards or other dental services, please contact our Armadale team on 03 9509 5885 or Malvern on 03 9509 3368.