Crowns and Bridges

Crowns and Bridges are prosthetic tooth replacements that can be used to restore the appearance of your smile…

Individual crowns are used to restore the function and aesthetic of individual teeth, whilst bridges can be used in conjunction with crowns to replace multiple missing teeth.

Crowns are used to cover or “cap” a damaged tooth.

During this procedure the damaged part of a tooth is removed and replaced with a prosthetic cap. This technique strengthens and protects weakened teeth from further damage, and can also improve the appearance of a discoloured or a misshapen tooth.

Bridges are used to replace a single tooth or multiple teeth that have been lost.

These restorative devices rely on existing tooth structures on either side of the void, which are prepared with a crown and fused to prosthetic teeth to “bridge” the gap.

These devices are solutions to dental problems such as missing teeth, weakened tooth structure and large fillings.