Cosmetic Teeth Whitening in Melbourne

Enhance your smile with our professional teeth whitening treatments

With so many do-it-yourself whitening products available at the supermarket, it may be tempting to attempt whitening your teeth at home. However, not only are these products highly ineffective, they may also cause permanent damage to your teeth enamel!

Our professional team of dentists at Mint Dental are trained to diagnose the source of your tooth discolouration before selecting an effective whitening treatment, producing outstanding results whilst protecting the health of your mouth.

Restore your brilliantly bright smile with Mint Dental

To maintain your radiant smile, we also recommend reducing your exposure to smoking and highly coloured foods and beverages such as red wine, tea and coffee. Consuming these products can actively lead to further tooth discolouration and taint the appearance of your beautiful smile.

Enhance your beautiful smile with Mint Dental’s cosmetic dental treatments whether you wish to smile brighter in Toorak, Glen Iris or Caulfield North, visit one of  our clinics in Armadale or Malvern today to discuss our teeth whitening procedures and gain back your ability to smile with confidence.