Children’s Dentistry in Melbourne

Discover Mint Dental’s children’s dental care to ensure your child maintains their beautiful, healthy smile

At Mint Dental, we specialise in providing superior dental care tailored to the specific needs of your child to protect the health of their smile over time.

Many of our dental professionals have children of their own, and use a gentle and compassionate approach to dental care to ensure that your child thoroughly enjoys their first visit to our clinic.

We recommend that your child visits one of our dental practices by their first birthday or when their teeth begin to come in. Although baby (or primary) teeth are only present during early childhood years, they play an important role in the development of your child’s smile and long term oral health.

With two clinics located in Armadale and Malvern our parents will happily travel from Glen Iris, Toorak, or Caulfield North to ensure that their children have a great first Dental visit.

This is so important as this shapes the way children will view dental treatment for throughout their lives.

It is essential to invest in the health of your child’s baby teeth by visiting our dental practices in Armadale or Malvern for a regular check-up or treatment.