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How Stress Can Affect Oral Health

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Simple habits and exercises can help improve your smile.

More and more our lives seem to be getting busier, it’s inevitable that more of us are increasingly stressed at home or work. Your doctor may be concerned about your blood pressure, your physio might be monitoring your neck and back pain, but why should it worry your dentist?

You might be surprised to learn that your stress can play a role in the overall health of your teeth. Here at Mint Dental, we’d like to share with you some common ways this can occur.


You increase your risk of gum disease

Stress compromises your immune system, which means your body’s ability to fight bacteria is weakened. This puts you at risk for gum diseases such as gingivitis and more seriously, periodontitis.


You may get mouth ulcers

There are many possible causes of mouth ulcers, but stress is at the top of the list. Apart from being unpleasant, the ulcers are promote bacterial infection.


You’re more likely to neglect your oral hygiene

From a lack of sleep causing us to be too tired to tend to our daily oral hygiene as much as we should, to stress-eating and an increased craving for sugar, stress is a recipe for bad oral health.


You may grind your teeth

Also called bruxism, teeth grinding while you sleep is something you may not even be aware you’re doing, yet it can have follow on effects such as jaw and neck pain, headaches, tooth wear and even cracked or broken teeth.


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