Dental Emergencies Over The Holidays

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Some quick tips to ensure you take the right action.

At Mint Dental, we understand that dental emergencies often come at the most unpredictable times.

Whether you are away or find it hard to see been seen by a dentist, we have some great tips on what you should do in the situation.

Toothache or swollen gums

Are your teeth or gums causing you pain? There are a number of reasons for a toothache and swollen gums, but it’s most often down to infection. Painkillers may help you feel more comfortable but don’t rely on them instead of seeing the dentist, as they allow more time for the infection to spread. If the pain has become worse over time, use warm water to rinse your mouth.

Lost filling or crown

If eating sticky foods pulls one out, or loosens a filling, then you’ll need to come in and see us as soon as possible. A loose crown can often be saved by hopefully re-cementing it, as long as it hasn’t been damaged. If a filling falls out, remove it from your mouth to avoid swallowing or choking on it. You won’t need to save it as it will be replaced with a new one.

Bitten lip or tongue

If you’re in pain after biting your lip or tongue, apply a cold compression (like ice) to the inside of your mouth to help reduce the swelling. If you can’t stop the bleeding this way, you should visit your closest emergency hospital for immediate treatment.

A toothache, chipped or broken teeth, or dental trauma are all considered dental emergencies. Teeth can often be saved if immediate action is taken. Our experienced dentists at Mint Dental will assess the condition of your mouth and if possible will always do their best to provide the required treatment on the same day to help manage your pain or problem.

For emergencies outside of opening hours please contact the The Royal Dental Hospital of Melbourne on 03 9341 1000.

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